Ecuador: Tropical Forests among Cacao Crops

Note: This article is published in Spanish and English. For the English version of this article, click here. Ecuador: Bosques tropicales en medio de cultivos de cacao Ecuador es un área de alta diversidad biológica, encantadores paisajes e impresionantes bosques tropicales que cubren tierras agrícolas. La combinación de la naturaleza y la agricultura es únicamenteContinue reading “Ecuador: Tropical Forests among Cacao Crops”

Cocoa: An Introduction (Part 1)

The cocoa industry is complex, sprawling, and often baffling. This series is aimed at providing a lay audience with an introduction to the world of cocoa, including how cocoa came to be the commodity it is today, the economics and logistics of the global cocoa trade, and what the cocoa industry needs to do to ensure its social and environmental sustainability.