Beyond Beans is growing rapidly. You can find our current vacancies listed below.

Vacancies in The Netherlands

We do not currently have any vacancies in The Netherlands.

Vacancies in Origins

Junior Project Manager Agroforesterie et Environnement

Nous recherchons un Junior Project Manager Agroforesterie et
Environnement en Côte d’Ivoire pour soutenir l’implémentation de
divers projets agroforestiers et environnementaux. Les initiatives
actuelles comprennent le soutien à l’agroforesterie durable du cacao
par des formations et distribution d’arbres, la protection des zones
forestières, le reboisement des terres dégradées et la fourniture de
documents fonciers aux producteurs.


Our interns are integrated within our dynamic sustainability team, spread across the Netherlands (Amstelveen), West Africa, and Latin America. You will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in an innovative sustainability organization, working alongside experts in their fields who you can learn from and collaborate with. Our broad network and fast growth means internships at Beyond Beans come with excellent future career opportunities.

Finance and Human Resources (HR) Internships