Country: Tanzania

Of the 44.76 million hectares of agriculture land in Tanzania, 14.5 million hectares is cultivated. About 8-10% of this (approximately 1.5 million hectares) is under farm mechanisation. However smallholder farmers cultivate between 0.2 and 2.0 ha each, with low levels of mechanisation. Meanwhile, there are approximately 20,000 tractors in working condition in Tanzania. This means that for every 2,238 ha of agricultural land, there is only 1 tractor – compared to a world average of 1 tractor per 50 ha.

With the Rent a Tractor project, we aim to provide smallholder farmers with access to farm mechanisation through the development of a mobile app with Uber-like features for tractor rentals, building a system to aggregate local demand for tractors, establish sensitisation events, and boost income for local tractor owners.