Country: Cameroon

Our FIRCAM project (FIRCAM: building the Financial Resilience of Cameroonian cocoa farmers) is providing training for 1,300 farmers on better agricultural, social and environmental practices, setting up an agri-input loan fund, establishing cocoa nurseries and launching 10 VSLA-GALS groups with a focus on women empowerment.

Together, these interventions are increasing and diversify farmers’ incomes, improving livelihoods for communities, and reducing risks.

Photo of Clothilde A., 62, cutting a cocoa pod in her cocoa plantation behind her house in Lekié. Clothilde, who also grows rice, cassava, groundnuts, etc., says she is satisfied with the Eding villagers’ fund because, beyond the financial benefits, it is a place to meet, to exchange… April 2022, Yaoundé, Cameroon