ETG One-Stop

ETG has released an app called “ETG One Stop Solution” to provide farmers with one-click expert advice without the need for travel. More than 16,000 farmers from 8 countries have been using these apps to get immediate help from an agri-expert, access to an agricultural knowledge base, doorstep service, and ongoing guidance throughout the cropping season. These facilities have guided and secured the local farmer’s livelihoods and produced a significant increase in crop yield.

The app provides a live weather forecast at the village level which involves several parameters like temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and rainfall. Farmers may add and remove preferred locations for a weather forecast. It will help farmers to plan and take corrective action for agricultural & farming-related activities. The ETG One Stop Solution App is exclusively dedicated to farmers, which helps African farmers to make informed decisions by accessing customised agricultural information related to their needs.