Country: Ghana

Our Accessible Soils And Sustainable Environments (ASASE) project is working towards an environmentally sustainable future for the cocoa sector, tackling deforestation and working to rehabilitate ageing cocoa farms and restore natural forests.

Using a landscape approach, the ASASE project moves away from the traditional focus on the direct supply chain and instead intervenes on 3 levels: working together with cocoa farmers, their rural communities and in local forest remnants.

Farmers receive sensitisations and trainings on agroforestry practices, as well as land and tree tenure documentation to improve the long-term security of their farms. Further, the project is facilitating the conservation of forests and the reforestation of degraded areas through approaches such as Payment for Ecosystem Services, where farmers receive (in-kind) value in return for their efforts to protect or even re-build forests around their cocoa farms.

You can read more about the ASASE project and our progress so far here and the experiences of one of our farmers here.