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Community Development

In addition to supporting individual farmers, we are committed to supporting the development of resilient local communities. This involves working closely with local NGOs, governments, farmer cooperatives, and Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) in order to provide the kind of support which can best serve the communities with whom we work.

We understand that effective community development work must not only provide surface-level support but work to understand the context around social issues in order to best address them. For example, we have a robust Child Labour Monitoring Tool (CLMT) and understanding the reasons behind child labour allows us to develop more targeted responses, such as providing school supplies.

We also understand that one of the main drivers of community poverty is the traditional exclusion of women from income-earning activities. For this reason, many of our projects involve supporting women in developing income-generating activities. VSLAs tend to be women-led and we run special training sessions to develop the entrepreneurial skills of women in our communities.

By working with local partners to provide necessary development support, strive to ensure that relationships with local communities are mutually beneficial and sustainable long into the future.


You can read more about a sample of our Community Development projects below:

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