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At Beyond Beans we believe that the world of today has the knowledge, people, and tools in place to build profitable and self-sustaining communities, where farming is a respected profession and sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental protection are the norm.

As the sustainability foundation of ETG, one of the world’s leading traders and processors of agricultural commodities, we are dedicated to developing and implementing projects across cocoa, coffee and cashew supply chains. We aim to be a catalyst, connecting the right stakeholders and introducing innovative solutions together with partner companies, NGOs and government agencies.

To create change that lasts for the long-term, our work brings together four key pillars:


Farmer Livelihoods

We aim to to improve the standard of living for smallholder farmers in ETG’s supply chain. Key to this pillar is the concept of a Living Income, that is, the net annual income required by a household for everyone in that household to achieve a decent living standard.

You can read more about Farmer Livelihoods here.

Community Development

In addition to supporting individual farmers, we committed to supporting the development of resilient local communities. This involves working closely with local NGOs, governments, farmer cooperatives, and Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) in order to provide the kind of support which can best serve the communities with whom we work.

You can read more about Community Development here.

Protecting Nature

We are committed to improving environmental conditions in all our work. Through our supply chain risk assessment and monitoring, we are improving tracking our GHG performance to contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals around water, sanitation, life on the land, and the environment.

You can read more about Protecting Nature here.


Technological innovations have opened new avenues for community and environmental development. We understand the importance of capitalising on these developments and have made technology. This is especially true smart phone applications which are low-cost, impactful, and so low-powered that they are useful even in rural communities which only have intermittent access to electricity.

You can read more about our innovation projects here.

Our Partners

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