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Beyond Beans is the foundation established in April 2020 when Cocoanect B.V. integrated with the Export Trading Group (ETG), one of the world’s leading traders and processors of agricultural commodities. The Beyond Beans Foundation is fully dedicated to developing and implementing projects across ETG’s commodity supply chains in collaboration with partner companies, NGOs and government agencies. The Foundation’s rapidly expanding 50+ FTE operational team consists of a multidisciplinary team of managers and field staff with experience in a wide range of topics, from tackling child labour to climate-smart agroforestry and promoting gender equity. The Beyond Beans Foundation has its headquarters at ETG’s Regional Trade Office in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, and its core programs and activities are implemented through subsidiary foundations in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroun.
At Beyond Beans we believe that the world of today has the knowledge, people, and tools in place to build profitable and self-sustaining communities, where farming is regarded as a respected profession and sustainable entrepreneurship is the norm. Beyond Beans aims to be a catalyst in achieving this vision, by connecting the right stakeholders and introducing innovative solutions from other sectors to agricultural supply chains.
Beyond Beans Foundation
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